Shakespeare: “Reality either bores or appalls me”

I watch as many cat videos as the next person, but not too many things on the internet actually make me laugh out loud. But this “interview” of William Shakespeare and Fyodor Dostoyevsky at The Long Story had me snickering audibly. If you are a writer, you will understand.


All Lit Up

ImageI’ve just finished reading Mary Karr’s memoir, Lit, which I loved so much that I just need to effuse or I’m going to throw up or pee on myself or some other unladylike thing (which should in no way be interpreted as a negative response; rather, I am like a small dog when it comes to good books). Bear with me for a moment.

Lit was my first foray into Karr’s nonfiction, though I’ve admired her poetry for some time. My therapist recommended Lit to me several months ago — not for therapeutic purposes, just because we both enjoy good literature, and sometimes our sessions have a tendency to turn into a book club of two. Anyway, I’d forgotten all about the recommendation until I came across an article about David Foster Wallace for a class I’m taking, and learned that DFW and Karr had a brief but highly charged love affair involving tattoos and guns (allegedly). The whole thing was very… fraught — and I wanted more. So I checked out Lit after reading a review that suggested Karr would therein dish about this fraughtness. (more…)

UNESCO World Poetry Day

Hello, and happy World Poetry Day to all of you! Wait — what? Don’t tell me you forgot! Never fear — I’ve posted a poem for you here, just in time for you to take part in the fun! Below is W. B. Yeats’ poem, The Cat and the Moon. This poem is the reason why people name their cats Minnaloushe. I love the odd rhythm of this one. It reminds me of just how cats move: one minute there is a smooth cadence to their steps, and then they unexpectedly stop short, and twitch their ears. (more…)

The Zen of Coffee

I knew it was going to be a good day when I got off the bus and was confronted by a huge sign that said FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS INSIDE! Free coffee? I thought. Why, that’s my favorite kind! No matter that I had already consumed about half a pot of coffee at home — I had every intention of taking advantage of this little gift from the Caffeine Gods. In fact, I spend a portion of most days wishing that someone would randomly offer me some free coffee, or that I would happen onto a┬ámagically unmanned pot of freshly-brewed coffee.

Now, I’ve had so much coffee that I feel kind of dizzy. (more…)