Window Washer

Today, my story, “Window Washer” is featured as Narrative Magazine’s Story of the Week. An excerpt:

Today of all days there’s a window washer. The first time I’ve ever cut school—and with Nadine too—this guy’s hanging on his little swing outside the picture window, squeegeeing. My first thought is that we’re busted. The window washer will report us as truants. My dad has told me they aren’t supposed to look in the windows, but my instinct is to hide. Nadine, though? She’s smiling like a panther.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and reading some short fiction online beats taking down your sad brown Christmas tree. Click here!


8 thoughts on “Window Washer

  1. Just finished reading your Narrative piece, “Window Washer”. Great writing. Loved the end. Loved the distances between characters (daughters and fathers.) Loved the strong sense of the protagonist’s angst. You have a wonderful talent. Keep Writing. R.E. Donohue

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