My First Review!

Yesterday a friend emailed me this fragment of a review by Kirsten McIlvenna at :

E.D. Watson’s “Crescent City Connection” has the classic elements of an enthralling story: suspense, danger, mystery, and deceit. Andromeda is head housekeeper at Bradbury Hotel, hiding from her ex, who she is convinced will kill her if he ever finds her. But she discovers it is someone else who has been watching her, “a thin and red-lipped man,” and he needs her help.

This is the first review I’ve ever read of my work, other than snarky workshop comments scrawled onto the back of a manuscript back in grad school. And even though the review is mostly synopsis, I was nevertheless delighted that the reviewer thought the story was “enthralling” and suspenseful. Boy, what a relief that my first-ever review wasn’t a stinker!

Beyond that, I am just happy to know that people–complete strangers, even!–are reading my stories. Sometimes I feel stranded at my little desk like a castaway, carving messages into coconuts and flinging them out into the vastness of cyberspace. It’s heartening to know that from time to time, they’re intercepted.

Read the entire review here.

Read the story, “Crescent City Connection,” here.


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