Check it out! The essay I submitted to This I Believe has been published on their website!


4 thoughts on “Publishment!

  1. Nice essay M ….and on the same day I got my Christmas card and hand written letter from my nearly 80 year old Aunt. Sadly though, one of the few I’ll get this holiday season.

    (yes, I had written and sent her a card just last week!)

  2. Emily:

    Who could be surprised at your success? Only you — and that only because of an overly-decorous modesty. Secret: the rest of us knew your triumphs are only a matter of time and sequence, and we will be watching closely for quite a while to come.

    As for your essay: nicely written, as always; but you are such a fuddy-duddy!

    A quick story. I took the three daughters of one of my law partners to a women’s professional soccer game, years ago, when they were young. They had a fabulous time and, as we drove home, I promised to take them out regularly, which made them quite happy. But I had one inviolate condition: they could not write me a thank you note. They fell deathly silent. Even if they wanted to comply, their parents would kill them if they didn’t write thank you notes. A day or two later, I received three lovely letters, each saying what a wonderful time they’d had at the game and that they hoped we could make a habit of going out regularly. And, p.s., did I notice that they’d not said thank you anywhere in the letter.

    I wanted them to know that it was not always necessary to be formal with those to you are close. (Plus, I’m a shit disturber.) They took the challenge to write very thoughtful letters of gratitude — interesting and sincere precisely because they didn’t have the pat lines of the traditinal thank you note to fall back on.

    I tried to wean them from your principle; but they came back and affirmed it thrice-over.

  3. enhorabuena por el premio a tu texto literario. Lo he leído y estoy de acuerdo contigo. Cuesta trabajo escribir una carta en papel, pero qué alegría nos da cuando recibimos una sencilla postal…

  4. Troy: How sweet of you to send your aunt a card. You are a nice person with good manners. I send out crap-loads of X-mas cards every year, and I usually get one or two. It’s a dying tradition, but one I feel is worthy of being kept alive.

    Mark: Fuddy-duddy or inculcated (brainwashed?) with Southern good manners? Call it what you will, but I still believe that getting something in the mail OTHER than bills and advertisements is FUN and NICE and I’m going to keep brightening people’s days in this fashion. Of course you know that I appreciate your mischievous, shit-disturbing habits, but I am aware that a traditional thank-you need not be trite or “pat” and always try to make all my expressions of gratitude sincere. But I’ll remember your distaste for such things and promise to never send you one. The absence of a thank-you card in your mailbox will be my expression of gratitude to you!

    Blanca: Muchas gracias por sus palabras simpaticos!

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